Roadwork Statement



Published June 3, 2020 on Roadwork Center Facebook post

Systemic Racism in the United States and the Imperative of Radical Transformation Ahead

Say their names… George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. They are the recent names and faces in a long line of people who loved, were loved, and who were victims of racism’s systemic violence. Add to that the jarring story of Chris Cooper being threatened with violence, and we are at another tipping point in our country.

Roadwork stands with the Movement for Black Lives. We are people of all genders, sexual orientations and abilities. We are multigenerational, from seasoned voices in our seventies to new voices in our twenties. We are Black, Brown, Jewish, Muslim, Indigenous, and White.

We know the perennial pandemic is the racist, sexist, and class-based foundations of our country. This is why we call for a systemic overhaul of our country – a country rooted in looted lands stolen from Indigenous peoples and built on the minds and bodies of Africans enslaved by white supremacists. With a nationwide coalition of like-minded people understanding that this moment is about every one of us doing our part we can and will make progress that saves lives.

Our voices raised in relentless congregational chorus can defeat the white supremacist regime. This is our time — if we choose to act in concert!

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